About this site

This website - Nick's personal blog - catalogs the rantings and ravings of Nick Plunkett.

Nick is based in Orange County, CA where he lives with his wife and soon to be son (December, 2022!).

Nick is a seasoned Network Engineer and has deployed his skills across several industries including Research and Education and for-profit startups.

Nick started his career at CENIC - California's research and education network. There, he joined as a network operations intern and worked his way up in the company until he was eventually in charge of nearly all external network connectivity as CENIC's Peering Coordinator.

Most recently, he has worked at Subspace - a dedicated internet network for real-time applications, and OneQode - an Australian low latency network and cloud computing company. Nick is at home designing, building, and deploying world-class internet networks across the globe.

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