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I’ve always loved using my Mac for network engineering tasks - because it has a UNIX-like base it was kind of built from the ground up in a way that is suited to the task. I’ve recently tried to use a Windows laptop for network engineering work to not pigeon-hole myself to one specific platform. One of the seemingly small but high friction activities on Windows through the terminal by default is that when you double click an IPv4 address it only highlights the first octet. This seemingly small annoyance builds up over time when working with tons of IPs and usually causes me to shift back to macOS. However, I recently learned about delimiters within the various OSes. From what I understand, macOS handles highlighting/double clicking on a system-wide level, while Windows allows each application to handle highlighting/double clicking independently.
In October of 2018, I gave a brief Lightning Talk presentation at NANOG 74. It covered how I and my colleagues at CENIC identified and deployed a crafty low cost metro DWDM solution across CENIC’s network backbone. The video recording of this talk is available in the Youtube URL above. This was my first ever professional presentation. I was nervous and had a lot to cover during my 10 minute allocation but I had fun and learned a lot about what it takes to prepare and deliver a technical presentation to an audience of my professional peers. I also feel like I gained a lot of confidence toward presenting to larger groups and found that I actually might enjoy making presentations like this.
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